Rising Star
Scholarship Program

Philly Movements Dance Company offers a scholarship program to increase participation of low income earners or families who wish to enroll their son or daughter in a formal dance training institution. Although all are welcome to apply, The Rising Star Scholarship Program is designed for local residents in the Philadelphia area.
This program is designed to cultivate, enhance and further develop the ability of students ages eight through eighteen in the discipline of Hip hop and Modern dance styles. This will give students the opportunity to learn common dance styles at an intermediate and/or advanced level. All participants will need to meet educational and financial requirements outlined in the remainder of this form in addition to showing dedication for the program and the craft.

Scholarship Includes:
•Funding and training for 1 Hip hop and 1 Modern style dance class at intermediate or advanced levels at     Philly Movements Dance Company
•Exclusive PMDC Rising Stars Scholarship Program T-shirt
•Exclusive Showcase performance in the Annual PMDC recital

Official Rules:
An official application and release form must be completed by the applicant. The applicant must include a non-returnable photograph with a brief essay describing what dance education means to them. Enrollment in a private dance school program at the time of application must be verified by the student dance instructor and or director. Deadline for submission is January 7th 2013. All applications require original signatures and a photo should be mailed to.

Philly Movements Dance Company 
Attention:  Rising Stars Scholarship Program
335. E Price, St Philadelphia Pa 19144


Applicants should be currently enrolled in a primary educational institution, grades 1 through 12, with   a B average on the grading system. Proof of maintaining a B average grade level will be required throughout the duration of the program.
•  Household income must be between $5,001 and $25,,000 ( please attach  copies of documents used to   verify income)
•  Reference check of good behavior rapport obtained.
•  Max. 500 word essay explaining why dance is important to you.
•  Letter of recommendation