Total Kaoz Krew is an Urban Hip Hop Krew designed to bring back old/new Hip - Hop 
stylized dance with a commercial flair. TKK was established in 2014 and has made tremendous growth exceeding all expectations in the philadelphia urban community. We pride ourselves on high energy and performance. 

TKK is comprised of 50 members who are trained in different levels. Under the direction of Artistic Director Danielle Hayes, and Rehearsal Director/ Choreographer Alyza Martin. TKK has definitely earned a name for themselves in the dance community.

Our mission is to create a professional platform for dancers wanting to intiate and strengthen relationships in the Dance Industry. That dancer will develop the potential, discipline, focus, confidence, art, joy, and technique needed to become a refined dancer.


As a Krew member you will be a part of our team! You’ll gain invaluable experiences in the dance industry. As part of our Krew, you will have the chance to see and experience new things and establish important contacts in the dance world that will serve you for the duration of your career. This is a great tool for your resume!


Dancers will be chosen on site after the season ends in June, it is then that they will find out if they have moved up the ranks and will be presented with their new ranking. This Is something that dancers will look forward to. An Audition process happens once a year. 

ELITE TEAM: This is our traveling and high level  competitive team .

SENIOR TEAM: Training level based on ability

JUNIOR TEAM: Training level based on ability

YOUTH TEAM: Training level based on ability